About us

UOOOM is brand name Own by UOOMC LLC ,

Uooom vision is to make new services for online users that give them the best Tech in platform, Media, social and our target to grow and cover all world with our best services and data connected for stream and hosted videos with high-tech

We are new but we have team has experienced more than 15 years and our CEO and advisors has experienced more than 25 years in Tech and business management

So we believe that success is coming with improvement and updates platform and new features to the users. in addition main vision to make our platforms safe for family and filtering and watching with eyes and system to keep it safe for family so we work hard to get the best platform for media that is safe in contents for the family

Also, we should thank our partners and developers open source as without them we can\'t success

Finlay UOOOM will not success if users world-wide not interested in it or like it for that we are working hard to make every user happy and enjoy in UOOOM and has the best services

for any feedback we will be glad to listen to you, so please contact us to

Best Regarding