Monetize your videos

Monetize your videos

This video monetization platform was built for you. Take full control of your video streaming business and keep 70% of the revenue.


There are so many ways you can monetize


Picking the right pricing model is the core of any successful video monetization strategy. You can charge recurring subscriptions, rentals, or fixed-prices for content bundles at any price you want. You . Your video monetization options are endless!

Monetize your videos worldwide

When it comes to monetizing your videos, geography shouldn’t stop you. We Accept payments from 130+ international currencies through Paypal, Stripe we accept multiple currencies for single or bundle content.




Start off with create a freemium video-on-demand model to grow and nurture your audience. When ready, convert your audience into paying subscribers.


Secured SSL checkout

Enable your subscribers to submit payment with utmost confidence, assurance, and safety, thanks to our SSL-secured checkout process.


Keep 70% of your sales

We take 70% commission or revenue share. You always keep 70% of your revenue.


Flexible payout system

Get paid monthly directly into your bank account, or Paypal 


Track your sales

Use our  reporting system to identify the best performing content and tactics, and make constant improvements to your sales funnel.